Marijke van Warmerdam

Another image for HTV83 could be the "pancake moon" (not the real title) by Marijke van Warmerdam.

First Light - Huis Marseille

A selection of images from the First Light exhibition at Huis Marseille, Keizersgracht 401, Amsterdam.




Contemporary cosmoligical topic, the search for life. Through both the material and the subjects the artist makes a reflection on us human beings as a carbon based lifeform.

Brahms Galaxy - Monica Hernandez

Video projections that formed the stage for a recital by Christiane Stotijn. Performed in the Munt in Brussels in 2009

submit by Daan Noppen

Luca Montabone - Scientist

dynamics offluids and turbulence...the picture I sent to you was an experiment on trapping of material inside (quite large, ~1m diameter) vortices in a huge rotating tank (14m diameter). I then moved to apply ideas of fluid dynamics to atmospheres, Mars' atmophere in particular. At the moment, I study Martian dust storms and other planetary atmosphere phenomena, such as polar vortices. I always try to come back to the lab when I can, I've just finished a lab campaign a few weeks ago on producing "polar vortices" in the same 14-m rotating tank I told you above, and studying instabilities and coherent vortices which form under particular conditions.

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Irene van de Mheen

Artist working with Geometric shapes
Submit by Karin Bos

Hypervoids - Daan Noppen

We project our dreams in our minds, like a virtual space. These spaces become part of our reality. We will act upon them as a reality as if it were physically in front of us. We somehow put these projections in front of us, in another timespan, they exist in the future.
These spaces have a utopian character that creates a virtuality that radiates an atmospherless hyperspace. The space however is displaced from the observers gaze outside the object (the individual) and the city itself for it exist in another dimension of time.

This existence of the displaced space of the contemporary man is a flux of fullness and emptyness. It escapes the reality of the present but puts the image of the future in front of him. He cannot reach it.
The paradox of the fullness versus the emptyness draws the projection into its shape.

In my work I visualize these hyperspaces in the language of architecture. The 4th dimension of time is visualised in the constructing and deconstructing of the hyperspace.